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The “Bunker Doctor” is making house calls…

In recent years, our office has fielded a growing number of requests for information and services related to bunker renovation, re-design, and restoration.  Industry wide, as rounds of golf have increased and labor remains scarce, bunker renovation is one area where golf courses can invest to help wasted reduce labor and increase the bottom line.

“As a former club professional and general manager,” Nathan explains. “I know the value of a golf course being able to experience a rain event and NOT  forced to send the entire crew out to skim bunkers and push sand up on faces or even pump water out–only to have to do it again the next time it rains.  More and more, we have requests to help reduce the overall square feet of bunkers without weakening the design and we do that through an in-depth bunker study of every hole on the course.  The end result can be a dramatic reduction and often enhances the look and improves the overall golfer experience.” 

As one of several examples, Nathan points to a recent renovation at Tamahka Trails GC at Paragon Casino (found in our clients page) where the total square feet was reduced from 148,000  to 56,000 by eliminating unnecessary bunkers, converting others to grassy hollows and collection areas, and reducing the overall footprint of every bunker in the process.  A new bunker style with sodded faces and Better Billy Bunker drainage rounded out the renovations and the reviews from golfers have been overwhelmingly positive!

Nathan credits spending nearly 30 years perfecting his preferred bunker style with our firm’s recent success in this area. Semi flat bunker bottoms with sodded faces have been his go-to design style and in recent years–with the recent increase in other architects “restoring” Golden Age designs–that same style has grown in prominence.

“Of course we’ll do whatever the client prefers as a design style,” Nathan continues. “Historic courses may want to keep flashed faces while others may prefer a different style to fit their setting.  As a player and a golf course architect, I also understand the value that playability, strategy, and the all-important visual aesthetic that golfers demand.  If a client wants the high flashed faces and they know the investment that requires and can afford it in the long term, we’re happy to do that, the saucer style, or somewhere in between.”

During the recession, Nathan’s work on short game facilities for a growing number of clients who wanted to provide additional amenities without renovating their entire course led to a writer nicknaming him the “Short Game Doctor” in a story about short game and practice facilities. Now you can add another moniker:  The Bunker Doctor.

We are also continually developing and refining a series of new metrics to help superintendents, golf professionals, general managers, and green committees build a case for bunker renovation at their course.  Statistically sound data displayed in layman’s terms and easy-to-understand graphics can help explain true return on investment (ROI) to owners, members, and other decision-makers how a properly planned bunker renovation.  For more information or start the conversation, use the contact page at the bottom of any page on our website to email or call us today!

The list of bunker renovation and restoration clients continues to grow and we will update that list here soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in our services to help you invest in bunker renovation to improve playabilty and aesthetics while reducing maintenance costs or to restore a classic look to your classic course, feel free to contact us!

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